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Fan speed controllers



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 VLT Agro Drive: Three Phase Frequency Controller


The VLT Agro Drive enables efficient continuously variable speed control of three-phase fans. This control is based on a 0-10V input signal. The fan speed control can be adapted precisely to the demands of the user. Lower motor temperatures assure a longer lifetime, less maintenance and higher reliability. Furthermore, the energy use is strongly reduced. The VLT Agro Drive provides an optimal climate under all circumstances.



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Trilink-2t: Electronic Continuously Variable Triac Controller


The Trilink-2t enables continuously variable speed control for single-phase fans based on a 0-10V input signal. The Trilink-2t can also be configured to control heat lamps or lighting. The maximum output current is 12.5 Amps.




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Trinc 1 and Trinc-2: Integrated Triac controllers


The Trinc-1 enables continuously variable speed control for single phase fans 230V, 50Hz. It is integrated in the fan motor. By detecting the speed of the fan motor it can correct speed variations. As a consequence the end-user is assured that the correct Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) are maintained, independent of external wind or pressure influences.




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The Trinc-2 is a module encapsulated through a low pressure injection technique. The Trinc-2 is intended for 120V, 60Hz. Comparable techniques are used in the automotive industry, where reliability under harsh conditions and compact design are key factors. As the module is encapsulated, this product has several advantages:


  • Protection against harsh conditions
  • Humidity
  • Mechanical stress
  • High reliability
  • Minimum dimensions for integration in existing applications


EW: Electronic Continuously Variable Manual Controllers


The EW 5 and the EW 10 are manual fan motor speed controllers for continuously variable speed control. For the EW 5 the maximum output current is 5 Amps. For the EW 10 the maximum output current is 10 Amps.




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Vostermans Ventilation has 3 types of transformers in the Mf-Net program:




The SEA 3.15 (maximum output current 3.15 Amps) and the SEA 6.3 (maximum output current 6.3 Amps) can be used as manual, semi-automatic or automatic step control for single phase fans.




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The STW series step transformers enable fan motor speed control in steps. The STW series are intended for single-phase applications. STW Series are available as manual or automatic control.




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The STD series are intended for three-phase application to enable fan motor speed control in steps. STD-Series are available as manual and automatic control.




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