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Intelligent Fan Drive: a new generation intelligent fan drives

The Intelligent Fan Drive offers the possibility for energy efficient variable speed control of single-phase fans and three-phase fans. The control is based on a 0-10V input signal and an advanced frequency control. The fan speed can be controlled accurately according to user requirements. The specially developed and patented software gives the opportunity to achieve the highest possible energy efficiency, by using the factual and actual motor data. Especially at minimum ventilation the Intelligent Fan Drive stands out entirel. The lower temperature in the motor results into a longer lifetime, the sturdy IP67 housing offers an optimal protection in an aggressive environment. 

IFD Tube Fan

In summary, the advantages of the Intelligent Fan Drive include:


  • Energy savings
  • Cost savings, mainly at minimum ventilation
  • Automatic calibration of the motor-fan combination
  • Applicable in existing and new installations
  • Short wiring, which does not require extra filtration and application of "Power Factor Control"
  • Maintenance free and a longer lifetime of the fans


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