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Multifan Recirculation fan

In order to be able to realize an aerodynamic airflow, Vostermans Ventilation Sdn Bhd developed recirculation fans with a wide inlet radius. These fans have a very efficient performance and and high throw. Recirculation fans are resistant against severe climatological conditions, such as high temperatures. Because of the reflecting white colour, recirculation fans are well suited to use in greenhouses for serial- or parallel ventilation systems. Recirculation fans include OSHA-compliant steel guards with white powder-coated finish and pass UL 507. Applications have a wide range from outdoor use to greenhouses, drying potatoes, livestock cooling etcetera.




  • Available in diameters of 40 cm en 50 cm
  • Available in 50 Hz and 60 Hz
  • optional CE-wireguards on front- and back side



>Greenhouse >Ventilation


Optional nozzle system:

Recirculation fans can also be used as a low pressure nozzle system. By adding nozzles to these fans, barns or industrial rooms can be cooled by evaporating water. The high throw of the fan creates an optimal spread of the fog. This system is especially useful in greenhouses, poultry-, pig- and dairy houses. 















Beyond standard range custom orders possible.

More details available on request. 


Please, contact our Vostermans Ventilation Sdn. Bhd. team for more information:

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